Welcome to Last Light Lodge

Private rooms with shared bathrooms
Camping ground
Beautiful gardens and orchards surrounding the buildings
Free Wifi access*
Possibility of breakfast, dinner & pack lunch**

Imagine how relaxing

in this beautiful end of the world area, last town to see the sunset in New Zealand,
at the fringe of Fiordland National Park, nearby the South Coast,
surrounded by inland mountains, rain forrests, bush and farmlands,
a piece of paradise if you like nature and quiet.

The Lodge
About Us

*We can’t guarantee the speed and access at all times.

**From 15th october 2020 – For guests only – Must be booked in advance


– Restaurant-Cafe is indefinitely closed to the public.

– Breakfast, pack lunch, dinner available to guests only by booking in advance
from 15th October 2020 to 30th April 2021.

– Deluxe rooms available now with smart tv