Green Commitment


Only renewable energy is sustainable and no energy source is unlimited, energy is meant to be used in moderation.

We do :


    • Reduce the amount of water and energy used to take shower with timers

    • Turn off lights and devices when we don’t need them

    • No hot water in kitchens, rooms and laundries


    • Replacement of devices with more efficient energy consuming ones, according to their energy star rating

    • Replacing lights with LED bulbs

    • Double glazed windows in the restaurant (project in the future for the lodge)

    • Limit energy loss by closing doors of fridges, chilling cabinet, covering the coffee machine

    • HRV system

    • Presence detection for lights and ventilation in toilets and entrance areas of the lodge

    • Stop using coal boiler

    • Project to have more efficient heating system in the lodge


    • Solar panels on the roof of the restaurant to cover 30% of electrical demand

    • Fire place to heat the restaurant with our own wood


Already too polluted, we need to preserve it

We do :


    • Double flush toilets

    • Optimizing the use of sanitizer

    • Optimizing the water when doing the dishes

    • Timers on showers

    • Collecting rain water in a 30000L tank for watering gardens

    • Signage in communal areas to reduce use


    • Waste kitchen oils in specific toners instead of pouring in sewage system


Should be considered as a resource and diverted from landfill sites. We must reduce, reuse and recycle them as much as we can

We do :

  • REDUCE :

    • Food Management to avoid waste

    • Regular maintenance of equipment

    • Fix broken equipment instead of disposing them and buying new ones when possible

    • Tap water preferred to bottled water, and use of glass bottles if possible

  • REUSE :

    • Unsold food is eaten by staff

    • Cardboard boxes are reused in gardens to cover aisles and free grounds of weeds

    • Reuse of material to create new pieces of furniture (doors, tables, etc…)

    • Reuse stationary paper as much as possible


    • All organic waste is composted or feed our chickens and ducks

    • Recycling bins available in the lodge and restaurant


  • New Zealand has a unique ecosystem that should be preserved as national heritage

    We do :


    • Heritage trees and plants in the orchard and gardens

    • Native species planted in gardens and grounds

    • Removing non-native species

    • Landscaping to provide habitat to local fauna

    • Nest boxes in gardens

    • Bee hives to help with pollination


    • Permaculture approach for our gardens

    • Organic seeds mainly used

    • Saving seeds

    • No pesticide, fungicide or chemical fertilizer


You come to enjoy the amazing and preserved nature of New Zealand. As a major economic sector, tourism has to be developed in a sustainable way.

We do :

  • Paths on property to access forest and the DOC walking tracks

  • Promote environmentally friendly tourism

  • Explaining our own approach

  • Encourage reducing, reusing and recycling


Buying carefully, we pollute less and we encourage suppliers to shift to selling eco-friendly products

We do :


    • Firewood from our property

    • Suppliers chosen according to their proximity and quality

    • Growing fruits and vegetables to provide food for restaurant, tourists and local community


    • Mostly seasonal food used in restaurant

    • Most of our cleaning products are environmentally and healthy friendly

    • Carbon neutral and biodegradable take away products

    • Steel straws used


    • Buying environmentally friendly brands as much as possible


Reducing or changing transport can tackle climate change issues and local pollution

We do :

  • Limit our transport to town for groceries

  • Limit our suppliers weekly orders

  • Vehicles with low fuel consumption

  • Buying of a van for communal transport


Everyone deserves to be happy and well considered.

We do :


    • Training staff and support in taking responsibility

    • Accommodation and food provided to staff when required


    • Access to essential services : free WIFI, free drinking water, free refilling bottles

    • Breastfeeding friendly

    • Providing quality touristic information

    • Offer discount if use own coffee cup


    • Market every Sunday with locally grown products

    • Hosting local events

    • Selling art from local community

    • Offering jobs to local people preferably

    • Showers and laundries can be used by locals

    • Donation to local event and associations