The Gardens – Oasis of life and peace


Step into the story of our gardens, a place for nature lovers and travelers seeking a peaceful retreat. Our gardens are a testament to our commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and a harmonious coexistence with the environment.


Native beauty

From the outset, our commitment to environmental care is evident in the cultivation of native trees and bushes. These not only provide practical benefits such as wind protection and sound barriers but also contribute to the restoration of native fauna habitats. Thoughtfully designed campsite areas also offer both privacy and an aesthetically pleasing landscape for our guests to immerse themselves in.
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Cultivating life

In our inaugural year, we responded to quieter periods by establishing vegetable gardens and fruit orchards. Our gardening practices adhere to organic methods, avoiding harsh chemicals, be mindful of water use, composting, for a more sustainable approach. We also introduced chickens and ducks to our space, not only for their delicious eggs but also create fertilizer, consume weeds and bugs, and bring more life to our surroundings.

Garden-to-table journey

As our gardens bloomed, we integrated their goodness straight to our restaurant. The extra harvest wasn’t left behind; we turned it into special jams, sauces, and chutneys—adding a unique touch to our menu and creating a one-of-a-kind gift option.


Buzzing goodness

Recognizing the indispensable role of bees in maintaining a prolific garden, we invited them into our ecosystem. Their presence not only enhances the vibrancy of our gardens, but also yields the sweet reward of honey.

Pivot point

In response to the challenges post-COVID, we reevaluated our business model, transitioning from a public restaurant to exclusive guest meals. This strategic shift allowed us to amplify our focus on garden development and the cultivation of organic produce.

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Flourishing Diversity

Our commitment to diversity goes beyond just our produce; it extends to the inclusion of vibrant flowers. These blossoms, aside from adding to the aesthetics, play a crucial role in supporting pollinators. In some instances, we even incorporate them into our culinary creations.

Sustainable innovation

A proud partner in the Riverton Environment Center’s groundbreaking initiative, we contribute to an online market for local producers. The distribution, facilitated by an electric van loop around western southland towns, exemplifies our commitment to reducing our ecological footprint and promoting the consumption of natural produce.
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Towards Ecological Living

Our commitment to sustainability is an ongoing journey. Learning from nature’s wisdom, we continuously seek ways to emulate its harmony, aspiring to a more ecologically conscious and responsible way of living.

Our story is one of transformation, of turning a quiet patch of land into a vibrant oasis. Join us in celebrating the possibilities that nature provides, and together, let’s nurture a greener, more sustainable future.